What's Inside

The Kubient Hub™

Designed to deliver the most efficient and valuable video advertising solution at unprecedented speeds.

Real-Time Bidder

Powered by the cloud, our system uses the perfect language for each task - improving performance at every turn.

Video Ad Server

Seamlessly integrated with our A.I. to auto optimize and handle ad delivery.

Self-Serve UI

Simplicity in every step. First time users are able to get a campaign running in under 10 minutes.

Kubient Video Ad Unit

Lightweight HTML5 video player dedicated to improving user experience and delivery.


Kubient's proprietary machine learning pre-bid video fraud prevention solution.

A.I. To Battle Ad Fraud.

  • Machine Learning has proven to be the most effective tool to identify video ad fraud.
  • The industry's leading fraud verification partners, however, still conduct a 'post-bid analysis and exclude-list' strategy.
  • Using machine learning to determine if the impression WAS fraudulent means that the advertiser is paying for the first fraudulent impression.
  • No one has been able to successfully leverage machine learning within the 200 millisecond programmatic bid serving window so that an advertiser never pays for any fraud.

Smart Stream™

Kubient's suite of industry leading yield enhancement algorithms.

On-The-Fly Bid Stream Optimization.

Our A.I./machine learning makes real-time decisions based on the value of each impression served.

Factors considered by the algorithm include:

  • Data Layering & Categoization
  • Inventory Throttling
  • Bid Recommendations
  • Trend Identification
  • Purchase Pattern Analysis

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