What's Inside

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Premium Publishers

Our platform contains exclusive placements, direct partnerships and premium publishers with over 1 billion opportunities a day.

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Advanced Optimizations

We don't just optimize, we use complex algorithms coupled with cognitive learning to get the most out of your media buying.

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Transparent Reporting

No hidden fees. No padding. We show you direct prices and our flat rate fee so there are no mysteries.

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OpenRTB Compliant

No need to train your staff on a new system just connect with us via OpenRTB and you could be buying in 72 hours.

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Fraud Prevention

Non-human traffic is a problem for everyone. Rest easy knowing we will prevent bad traffic from hurting your brand

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Breakthrough Technology

Our proprietary ad stack is built within the cloud and is Fast, Flexible, and Efficient. Made to meet the ever expanding needs of our industry.

Proprietary Technology

No really, we built it ourselves and it is amazing.

Powered by the cloud our system uses the perfect language for each task, improving performance at every turn.

• Extremely Low Latency.
• Impecable Reliability.
• Regular Updates.

Our system handles over 1 billion ad opportunities a day and it's not even sweating. Even better you can access that data in our reporting instantly.

Gone are the days of waiting 20 minutes for a report to finish build yours on demand and see it in seconds.

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Data Backed Solutions

Call us data obsessed we don't mind. We love data so much we married it.

With all the data that exists it still surprises us that more of it is not used effectively. That is why we make sure no quality data goes unused.

Our advanced machine learning models work tirelessly on:

• Yield Optimization.
• Cost Protection
• Fraud Prevention.

All this results in stronger performance at a much lower cost to you.

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Intuitive Interface

Our easy to learn interface face makes getting started and managing your buys easier than ever. Because to us user experience is everything.

  • Reliable Fast Reporting
  • Make Changes in Realtime
  • Clean Navigation

Our Platform

A Perfectly Balanced Ad Buying EcoSystem

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The Team

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Paul Roberts


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Ian Scott


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Christopher Francia

Chief Product Officer

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Derek Brown

Chief Engineer

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Vasanti Mahajan

Data Scientist

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Rahul Gupta

Data Architect

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Dana Zawadzki

VP Programmatic

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Jon Ruttenberg

Senior Software Engineer

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Jillian Shapiro

Yield Optimization Specialist

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Robert Newman

General Counsel/Investor Relations

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