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Kubient Joins TAG

By Chris Francia | 2017-11-01

We have recently join the TAG Registry, and group dedicated to transparency in the online advertising space. Other companies in this group are Facebook, Google and Amazon. For the full press release please click the link below: Press Release Exciting things are happening at Kubient, so stay tuned!

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Fees, Fees and More Fees

By Chris Francia | 2017-08-04

If you are looking to buy ads on the web or simply allow advertising on your website, you have encountered the world of AdTech vendors. Whether the vendor is Google, Facebook or The Trade Desk, all of them charge you to use their systems to offer or purchase ads. Although they use different terms, in the end all of them charge a fee, and too often people may not know what the fee is for or if it truly is competitive. Furthermore, we don't attempt to negotiate these fees or shop around--we jus... Continue Reading

Kubient Sponsors Slack Group

By Chris Francia | 2017-08-01

Kubient is proud to be the sponsor of the "Programmatic Video" Slack group. This group was designed to connect people together throughout the industry to discuss things dedicated to Video AdTech. Show your enthusiasm for the space and Join the Group:

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Let's Get Real About In Banner Video

By Chris Francia | 2017-07-24

We all know it exists and we all know it isn’t very good quality. For those not familiar with it, In Banner video is the process of placing a video player into a display ad unit to generate video advertisements. On the surface this seems harmless, but in truth it is one of the most dangerous practices in the industry. The reason is simple: it degrades user experience and takes revenue away from publishers. We recently had a conversation with a large website operator we have known for years.... Continue Reading