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advertising across all channels should be easy, effective, transparent, and protected from fraud.

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Confidence with Kubient

Access clean inventory through our Audience Marketplace with pre-bid fraud protection
We power our customer's success with our innovative technology, white-glove services, and a results-driven approach.

Meet KAI

Pre-Bid Omnichannel Fraud Protection

KAI is built into our Audience Marketplace, and is also available as a standalone product for buyers and sellers. It's easy to integrate, transparent, and executes across all digital channels.

Audience Marketplace

Our omnichannel marketplace offers a single solution for both buyers and sellers to transact with confidence in an efficient, transparent, and fraud-free environment
20 k+
1 k+
15 %
Average Fraud Requests Blocked

The Difference

Kubient offers a full-service audience-specific platform integrating multiple elements across all digital channels. We fill our publisher's ad space with our supplier's ads with 100% of the inventory analyzed for ad fraud before any ad is served.

The Team

Kubient is a perfect blend of ad tech veterans and brilliant developers. We're committed to solving the growing problem of fraud in the digital marketing industry and developing the patented technology that is needed to stop it before it happens.

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