B2B is a different ballgame than B2C, as the conversion dynamics vary quite a bit. In B2C, the order volume is high, the average transaction value is low and the time taken for the entire customer journey is short.

However, in B2B, order volume is low, the average transaction value is very high and the time taken for the entire customer journey is also much higher.

For two processes as different as these, surely the SEO methodologies for B2B can’t quite be the same as B2C, can they? Well, the folks over at Zariance have compiled a great infographic listing out 5 high-impact strategies & related statistics specifically for B2B SEO! While the infographic is pretty self-explanatory, its key points are –

1) Create a lot of high-quality Content – The B2B process involved a ton of reading and research before purchase. And if you, as a B2B company, can be the one consistently providing this high-quality research to your prospective clients, you’ll win their trust bit by bit. And this trust can lead to a lot of future sales!
2) Optimize for long-tail Keywords – Long tail keywords are 70% of all web searches, and yet most people spend little time optimizing for these. Don’t be those people.
3) Customer Reviews – Studies have shown that for 92% of B2B buyers, the probability of buying increases after reading a trusted review. Clearly, it’s imperative you get a bunch of reviews on your site!

You may visit the main article on B2B SEO to learn about other related strategies and also their detailed execution.”

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