Are we in the midst of an ad tech resurgence?

That’s the relevant Big Story on the Adexchanger podcast this week, and a great question asked by

The industry is shifting into a new phase of data-driven omnichannel advertising. This next ad tech industry leg addresses the biggest friction point being that it’s become too hyper fragmented and siloed. Causing the supply chain to become diluted and inefficient with too many hops between buyers and sellers. The supply chain issue has become severely disruptive across the industry. With sellers to not get the value of their audiences due to the ad tax as funds are moved down the supply chain, and sellers not maximizing their spend due to ad fraud, too many vendors and the broken volume-based advertising model.

Companies addressing the clutter, and enabling the industry to move towards becoming an omnichannel ecosystem are not only making an impact. They are seeing significant growth in revenues, enterprise value, and stock prices. Which is activating the interest in venture capital and investors who are re-engaged with the ad tech industry.

“It’s way too early to say, but public companies like The Trade Desk, Telaria, Cardlytics and Rubicon Project have been outperforming recently. This week on The Big Story, the team looks at what the heck is going on.

Certainly business models have matured – no longer does the fool’s-gold glimmer of ad networks attract investors. James Hercher breaks down the businesses of some of Wall Street’s high performers and discusses the extent to which their surge is sustainable.

Sarah Sluis also takes a deep dive into ad verification company Integral Ad Science, which was acquired by the private equity firm Vista in 2018. Renowned in the industry for making $3 billion by selling Marketo to Adobe, Vista is now working its magic on IAS.

We’ll examine what the new-look IAS is all about, and how it’s beginning to show Vista’s influence”.

Todays 2019 ‘display” Lumascape shows the complexity of just one channel in todays ad tech landscape. We believe this will change dramatically over the next 2 years with the emergence of omnichannel, ecosystem oriented “open” infrastructure that seemlesly connects and simplifies the industry. Moving from being siloed to an ecosystem with integrated single points of entry for both buyers and sellers looking to connect their audiences. We believe this next phase moves us from buying and selling sites and placements, to audiences. As we enter the age of audience based marketing.


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