Kubient is a technology company that has developed a proprietary full-stack audience-based marketing platform.

Our cloud-based open marketplace is a single point of entry for advertisers and publishers to reach, optimize and connect their digital audiences in a transparent, Omni-Channel, programmatic environment with pre-bid ad fraud prevention.

We provide Advertisers, Agencies and DSPs with access to transparent, performance-guaranteed programmatic RTB DOOH (patent pending), video and display unique and premium audience inventory. 

We are bringing the industry’s first programmatic RTB DOOH capability to all marketers. Giving them the ability to dynamically bid on inventory and place their ads on screens in real-time. Enabling buyers & sellers with the marketplace infrastructure to dynamically trade, distribute and retarget digital out of home audiences. Increasing audience reach, access efficiency and inventory fill rates.


Kubient DOOH provides access to 500,000+ Screens mainly in North America (Airports, Hotels and Convenience Stores)


>> RTB Digital Out Of Home Advertising on point of purchase screens in stores http://bit.ly/2mpk97v

>> RTB Digital Out Of Home Advertising on TV screens in airports http://bit.ly/2kVwiki


Open Marketplace Programmatic Self Serve For Buyers

While using Kubient’s transparent self-serve UI. Buyers are able to fully configure their own bidstream of inventory and get access to the inventory on all channels, in any format. While being protected from ad fraud with our proprietary machine learning technology (KAI) that detects fraud in real-time, during the 200-millisecond bid process. K.A.I. ad fraud prevention stops fraud were it matters most before it happens, vs identifying fraud after fake audiences have been purchased.

About our K.A.I. (patent pending) Artificial Intelligence Powered Ad Fraud Prevention: learn more >> http://bit.ly/2kS8Y6X


Real-time pre-bid prevention within the 300-millisecond window before the campaign budget is spent. K.A.I. analyzes 100% of real-time programmatic data to determine patterns and data points that are consistent with fraud.

We support OpenRTB protocol for any direct programmatic integrations, as well as our inventory, can be accessed via Bidswitch

Our Direct Marketplace optimizes the supply chain. Enabling sellers to get the value of their audiences via direct buys and efficiently accessing the open RTB buyer ecosystem. Removing the upstream ad tax issues and creating an efficient marketplace for their audiences.

Buyers are able to access premium audiences with omnichannel retargeting capabilities so they can market to them throughout their day, on any channel and in any format.   

Direct Marketplace PMP: Some of the sites that we can provide access to are listed below, feel free to reach out for the full list:

Beasley Media BBGI.com 66 radio stations | 15 Major Markets | 20 Million Weekly Consumers
web sites, podcasts, mobile apps LIST HERE

Genesis Broadcasting SportsTalkFlorida.comNewsTalkFlorida.com










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