Trade groups propose ad-tech solutions to reassure brands the will be ok during the election cycle of media.

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Legacy news brands are becoming casualties of advertisers’ need for brand safety assurances.

Ahead of a contentious 2020 U.S. presidential election, two trade bodies representing media agencies and publishers are working toward more sophisticated brand safety standards and how to apply them to news content.

These organizations—the American Association of Advertising Agencies and Digital Content Next—are devising a standardized means of analyzing sentiment on recognized news websites to better assure advertisers their ads aren’t served next to hot-button political content.

In particular, the group wants to establish a consensus whereby the industry’s major content verification providers can identify the context, sentiment and tone of news items, then use software to help advertisers decide if such stories are suitable for their brand.

Discussions first began in Q1, with subsequent meetings taking place throughout the year. The group’s next meeting is slated for early Q4, when they will attempt to gain agreement from publishers to implement their proposals, sources tell Adweek.

This initiative is jointly conducted with oversight by the 4As and DCN, and with participation by three of the industry’s major content verification providers: Oracle’s Grapeshot, Integral Ad Science and DoubleVerify.

The group doesn’t have a formalized name yet, although sources told Adweek that “Trusted Media Sustainability Initiative” is a working title—with TrustX, a private marketplace where DCN’s publishers can trade inventory programmatically as a collective, looking to lead its implementation >>> READ MORE

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