With the average attention span becoming shorter, it has become more challenging to grab people’s attention and engage them in a brand. Consumers expect excellent experiences when dealing with brands, and they can easily switch between them if one doesn’t instantly capture their attention.

This is simply because there’s too much information available online. It’s no longer enough to publish blog posts and be done with it. You need to enrich your content marketing with interactive content because that’s what will compel your target audience to engage.

Here are the most innovative approaches to content marketing that will help you capture and convert more leads.

Investing in Original Research

If you invest in original research for your content marketing, you take the guesswork out of defining your customer personas and developing your target audience.

You can’t simply guess what their needs, interests, desires, and preferences are. Doing that would have a negative effect on all your content marketing efforts.

Original research will help you get right into the mindset of the people you want to reach. It will help you know how to reach them and address their pain points. It will help you personalize content, build credibility and trust, and inspire long-term customer loyalty.

 Various Video Content

 People love watching videos, whether they are entertaining or educating. Videos have the power to instantly engage their viewers and hold their attention all the way through.

Did you know that 54% of consumers want to see more videos from their favorite brands? You should take advantage of this by regularly creating compelling video content for every platform you use.

You can create product videos, explainer videos, tutorials, testimonials, animated videos, video interviews, round-ups, behind-the-scenes videos, and company culture videos for your audience to meet the faces behind your brand.

Live Stream Discussions and Q&As

These types of videos deserve a separate spot on this list because live videos on social media are game-changing for marketers.

Live stream discussions and Q&As are incredibly engaging, as they require active participation from your audience. Their interactive nature is what makes them different from all the other types of video content.

They are transparent, and can significantly increase your brand awareness. With live-stream discussions and Q&As, you can reach millions of people all around the world.

What’s more, they can help you build meaningful relationships with your target customers. As they will interact with you in real-time, you can build trust with them, and inspire brand loyalty. You can make your relationship more personal, which is a surefire way to generate more leads and conversions.

 Long-form Podcasts

 Podcasts are also great for grabbing your audience’s attention. They’re highly entertaining and engaging and lead to better traffic and lead generation.

They can be either in audio or video form, and each will take your content marketing to a whole new level.

With podcasts, you can set yourself as an expert in your niche. You can tell your brand story, and invite industry experts for interesting interviews that people will be eager to hear. You can also make them humorous because that will engage your audience even more.

Both short-form and long-form podcasts are great, but the latter may carry more value for your business. They enable you to share more information about your brand and your niche and allow your audience to get to know you better.

Quizzes and Polls Focused on Engaging Subjects

Who doesn’t like taking a quiz? They’re fun, especially when they tell you something more about yourself.

If you create quizzes that engage the subjects, you can generate more qualified leads that you can convert. The key is to make them short and sweet and to craft compelling headlines that instantly capture attention.

But how can you capture those leads? By requesting their email address prior to providing the quiz results. If your quizzes are engaging enough, people will gladly share their information with you, especially if you promise to keep delivering interesting content.

You should leverage Facebook quiz marketing to capture the data necessary for nurturing and converting all your leads. After all, Facebook is the dominating platform that most of your consumers certainly use.

Polls, on the other hand, can provide you with valuable feedback. They contain a single question, which is either a Yes/No or multiple-choice question. By answering it, people give you the feedback necessary for improving your content marketing efforts, or your products or services.


 Webinars are just like live-stream discussions and Q&As. They’re interactive, highly engaging, and distributed online in real-time.

You can host a webinar to present your new products, interview experts in your niche, hold online classes, and pretty much anything else that will raise brand awareness and help you reach a wider audience.

The greatest benefit of webinars is that they allow people to get to know you better. They can also learn more about your products or services and all their benefits.

Case Studies

Case studies are excellent for showcasing your expertise and experience. They provide social proof, which is something that people are looking for before fully engaging with a brand.

They turn your product into a story, but a story told by your customers. And people generally rely on the experiences of previous customers, because they are honest and authentic.

Content Backed by Rewards, Discounts, and Other Benefits

 Consumers love getting discounts and rewards, so you should think about creating content backed by such benefits.

You can organize giveaways, share coupon codes for sales and discounts, and offer various rewards. For instance, people can gain access to those benefits by completing a quiz, answering a poll, watching a video, or subscribing to your newsletter list.

Before you know it, you’ll generate a lot of leads that you can easily convert into customers.


 All of these approaches may seem a bit overwhelming now, but they’re all easy to implement. More importantly, they’re very effective in improving content marketing and audience engagement. Be sure to implement each of them, and you’ll seize a number of opportunities for growth.

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