The CPG giant isn’t afraid to take on Big Tech, and is seeking more direct relationships with ad-tech providers.

Rachel Mervis Programmatic Lead, Digital Media Team, Sales and eBusiness Unit at Nestlé

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“Our team at Nestlé is building and pioneering a hybrid digital operations model to boost accountability and effectiveness in online advertising. The new Global Digital Media Center of Competencies [DCoC] will help Nestlé succeed in a rapidly moving era of digital advertising, in particular optimizing programmatic media strategies. It will also help raise accountability and transparency in a complex online media space. The DCoC is comprised of experts sourced across leading industry partners working together as one team with Nestlé’s own media and advertising community. This creates a strong in-house source of expertise to drive strategy and skills as well as manage relationships with key players across the digital media value chain”.


Article By Ronan Shields for Adweek

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Nestlé, the consumer-packaged-goods parent of such brands as Gerber, Poland Spring and Haagen-Dazs, recently unveiled its Global Digital Media Center of Competencies (DCoC), which brings together all of its agencies to deliver greater transparency in its media investments. It makes sense because digital accounts for 40% of the company’s ad spend.

Sebastien Szczepaniak, Nestlé’s global head of sales and ebusiness, recently explained to journalists how the rollout will establish ways of working more directly with ad-tech providers, as the company seeks to increase the share of programmatic in its overall ad spend.

For example, this means demanding guarantees, plus evidence, of transparency from demand- and supply-side platforms including the two biggest providers, Amazon and Google, in a process that has also seen the 153-year-old company experiment with blockchain technology.

Typically, transparency drives are synonymous with in-housing, but Nestlé is quick to point out that it is working with its four holding group partners to achieve its goals across the globe.

“They have partnered with us to find the right associates from their network to help build DCoC,” Szczepaniak said >> READ MORE

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