Digital out-of-home continues to gain traction with brands as a valuable digital channel to reach audiences. We believe the next wave of disruptive innovation such as our Audience Cloud’s RTB DOOH channel will accelerate DOOH by giving it the ability to compete more effectively for digital ad spend, as well as integrate it as a meaningful aspect of true omnichannel marketing and retargeting audiences.

The IAB has just released a family of case studies across 19 business verticles showing the opportunity to impact audiences to build brand reach, traffic, and transactions.

From the IAB on the Study.

IAB’s 2019 research estimates a $10 billion out-of-home U.S. advertising market across 3.3 million out-of-home display screens. More than ever, brands are utilizing digital out-of-home (DOOH) as a powerful component of their broader media mix. Innovative uses of DOOH continue to provide results delivering on a multitude of client KPIs such as awareness, brand trial, customer registration, retail foot traffic, event participation, online engagement, web traffic, and more.

IAB presents 19 DOOH Case Studies across a series of diverse advertising categories including automotive, business, entertainment, finance, food & beverages, retail, and social responsibility. These examples showcase the power of DOOH to accomplish specific KPIs while adding value to marketing efforts.

2019 Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) >>> Case Studies

Growing Programmatic DOOH: Opportunities and Challenges Benchmark >>> Study


MediaVillage Coverage >> So far, 2019 has been a stellar year for the out-of-home (OOH) industry. With headlines such as, “Why Billboards and Outdoor Ads Are Booming in the Smartphone Age,” “Facebook Pushes Online Ads, Then Spends Its Cash on Billboards,“”People Love Instagramming Billboards and It’s Great for Advertisers,” and “Billboards — Yes Billboards — Are Having a HeyDay in a Digital World,” it is clear that OOH is on the rise and closely intertwined with both digital engagement and natively digital advertisers. OOH’s success within the digital space and its investment in new technology and digital deployment have also led to increased industry growth. OOH’s power to drive massive digital engagement is often a core indicator of a campaign’s success.

Aiming to prove OOH’s ability to build brands and drive online engagement, OUTFRONT Media chose to run a test, focusing on Michigan’s Motor City. Back in April, the outdoor advertising and media company brought a single red vehicle to Detroit — a Kruter Motors’ car that existed only in the imaginations of OUTFRONT creatives and billboards. The goal was to see how much interest OUTFRONT could drive for the fictitious car. The results were unreal: In just two weeks, the campaign led to more than 2,000 website hits and a 38 percent ad recall, with 84 percent of those polled reporting taking either an offline or online action.

Within two weeks, the OUTFRONT team was able to build a brand for a nonexistent product, with zero legacy awareness, using only 30 digital billboards in one city. The implications for OOH ad campaigns — especially when paired with other types of media — are overwhelmingly positive.

The digital OOH committee at the IAB collected 19 case studies that show how OOH can drive myriad KPIs across seven categories: automotive, business, entertainment, finance, food and beverage, retail, and social responsibility. Click here to access the full stories. Highlights are below >>> READ MORE

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