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Out of home (OOH) is an important part of the marketing mix. As a highly visual medium, it offers instant stand-out and kudos for brands but is being disrupted by programmatic and digital out of home (DOOH).

DOOH has allowed for significant growth; Kubient, a full-stack digital audience marketing platform, claims to be introducing the first real-time bidding solution for digital out-of-home advertising sites.

The Drum Out of Home Awards 2019, the jury came together to discuss the current status of programmatic out of home.

A cautious route

Sophie Pemberton, group strategy director, Talon Outdoor said OOH has been cautious about what has been working online.

“It’s a completely different channel. It works in a very different way. The audience consumes it in a very different way, and we shouldn’t just adopt something that works online because we’ve adopted the main all word programmatic.”

Talon is actively testing programmatic solutions in that space and looking at what works and what doesn’t. She added: “We need to figure out whether it works for clients and agencies before just jumping in.”

Digital programmatic has disenfranchised creatives, claims Dino Burbidge, an innovation coach, Sky, who is impressed with location targeting in OOH. “It can be very direct and it sits in the heart of the community. If you then start going down the same route as online did, you tend to start having generic adverts that move away from smart local thinking. It’s a bit of a warning.

“I’ve seen how creatives say they don’t care, just give it to the graphic designer. I want to work on something more interesting stuff over here because programmatic has basically just killed my input into making smart stuff.” >>> READ MORE

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