Is your audience not reacting or interacting with your content as much as you would like it too? We’ve got your back with this fantastic guide of 8 types of interactive content that will make your business bloom!


Interactivity is the mother of ingenuity! Well, not really, but it’s still a fun way to help your audience get immersed in your content.

Interactive content can make for some great marketing content. Someone who is interacting and immersed with your content is more likely to both spend more time on your website and remember the thing they interacted with.

With this, you can count on a massive ROI if you only invest a little bit into content interactivity. But, what is interactive content? How can people interact with something through the internet?

One of the best parts of the modern online world is that it’s virtually limitless. Numerous different content types are interactive and provide a fun way for your audience to get to know your brand or product. Some of the best interactive types of content are:

Interactive Videos

You might ask yourself: “How can a video be interactive? A video is a video, not a video game!”

And you would be entirely correct in that assessment if hyperlinking weren’t a thing! That’s right – you can link your video to more videos, and offer your audience incredible levels of immersion.

If a video plays up until a certain point, you can allow the viewer to choose which video to view next. The next video will have one of many possible outcomes, providing an interactive and fun experience, also giving the videos excellent replay value!

This tactic has been utilized in the early days of YouTube, and has been a useful way to gain a loyal fanbase!


There is nothing that screams participation, quite like contests. People love contests, and for a good reason.

Contests are insanely immersive and interactive, and there is no easier way to promote viewer participation. And if there is a possible reward in question? Boy oh boy, contests are everyone’s favorite.

They are a popular thing on social media too. You can read all about Facebook contests by clicking right here.


There are a lot of simple games that people can play on their browsers. These games are also a unique promotional opportunity, as they offer lots of immersion and interactivity.


People are OK with surveys, as long as they aren’t invasive. You can make surveys fun if you give them a little thought. They can also be a potent information gathering tool if you use them correctly. You can survey people through messages on social media – the primary tool for surveying these days.

Ask the questions you would like answers to. Be direct and discreet, but don’t be invasive. If you’ve done everything right, you will have a lot of data to analyze and use to improve your products or services.


Unlike surveys, quizzes are incredibly immersive and interactive. You can learn a lot about your customers if you use quizzes on social media – Facebook quizzes being the most popular.

Quizzes are the chill brother of surveys. They do the same thing, provide the same information, but they do it in a fun and simple way. They are great for receiving casual non-specific details that you can later use to improve your business and earn some money in turn.


Now, you might be wondering how in the world do we make calculators fun? You’re thinking of old, grimy math and science calculators. These are fun calculators, with tons of functions.

If you’re a 90’s kid, you must remember the love probability calculator that was playing on the television. You sent a message with you and your crush’s name, and the TV told you guys what your chances were of falling in love.

If you remember that, there’s a virtual alternative to it, and people seem to be eating it right up. It’s regularly shared on social media and is a popular choice when it comes to immersion. Websites that employ calculators not only report some amazing page shares but people are spending more time on their site as well.

If people are spending more time on your website, you have more time to reel them in with your other promotional material and make a profit. All because you have employed the use of a fun calculator!

Interactive ebooks

Interactive ebooks are at the forefront of interactive content, as they are the newest addition to the interactive family! They are much like interactive videos and have been around for longer than you might think.

Before interactive ebooks, there were interactive books. When you reach a certain point in the book, there are two or more scenarios that can play out. Each one is marked by a page number you should go to if you choose that outcome.

This is how ebooks work, but in a much simpler way, as they are entirely virtual. You click on the page, and it brings you to the outcome you’ve chosen and lets you read along.

Since reading takes time, it will make people spend more and more time on your website. This gives you an excellent opportunity to reel your visitors in and turn them into customers!


Any poll is good. And there is nothing quicker you can employ into your marketing tactic than a quick poll. With polls being the fastest way for your user to interact with your business, they are one of the more popular options.

They are also straightforward to create and use, and are easy to share around.


In conclusion, to make a website and a business successful, it needs to have excellent customer interaction. The best way to establish a relationship with the customer is through immersion, and the best way to achieve it is with some fine interactive content!

If a user interacts with your content, you can rest assured that they are going to spend more time on your website or service. If you have done everything else correct, you’ll turn your visitors into loyal customers.


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