In the world of digital marketing “Organic” refers to collecting leads in a natural way. For most beginner marketers, finding ways to grow organically Instagram followers might seem difficult. But without a follow-up, you can’t do much on Instagram. You can run campaigns on a continuous basis. This will push a certain amount of traffic to your website. But without support from social media appearance, you’re going to end up spending even more than you should, on gaining new clients.

Why You Need Organic Growth Strategies?

Fake followers on Instagram are accounts of fake people, often generated by bots pumping out hundreds or thousands of spam accounts. Several users of Instagram take these Followers because of the low price to rising their follower number. In reality, fake followers won’t like or engage with your posts effectively and they will hurt your actual Instagram engagement.

Instead, there are some other ways to grow your engagement rate. An option can be using an Instagram likes app to get real likes from real people and boost your engagement rate. Other options could be posting engaging content or using engaging captions to make your followers comment/like on your post. Keep reading to learn about all organic methods to grow your numbers.

If you want to maximize your engagement on Instagram, you need to develop your account with real and original users. In other words, you need good growth strategies to grow organic. In this post, we’ll share some helpful strategies that you can use to grow your Instagram naturally.

Organic Strategies to Grow Your Instagram

There are many tricks to boost your Instagram growth. Let’s jump into.

Make the best Use of Hashtags

I’m sure you know the importance of hashtags in your online marketing. Using hashtags on Instagram will cause you to be identified and followed by people beyond your current pool of followers. Don’t think about reading the super long articles about using hashtags. There are three main approaches to help grow organic in using hashtags.

  • Use common hashtags you feel your target audience is using. This will allow you to attract much more targeted followers.
  • Use very popular hashtags that are widely searched (for example #love #fashion).
  • Using hashtags (for example # like4like, # follow4follow) created to gain likes and followers. Wisely use this technique, as the performance of these followers is not likely to be the best.

Use the Appropriate Amount of Hashtags

There are many theories on the optimum number of hashtags in a post. Recommendation varies from 2 for each post up to 30. But according to the newest researches, it seems that the magic number for gaining likes is 8 hashtags per post And that may eventually lead to more influence and followers.

If you really don’t think that it is true, begin with as many hashtags as you’re satisfied with, and then check more to see what works best for you.

Create Your Own Hashtag and Promote It

Create a funny and catchy hashtag to present your brand. But consider that simply having a hashtag is not enough, you also have to spread it outside of Instagram. While people can find your product with it on Instagram, if they don’t know it exists, they can’t search for it.

Tag People and Location as much as Possible

Using the geolocation tags is a simple way to grow organically on Instagram, particularly if you’re posting from a well-known location. Also, if you work with another product or repost somebody else’s content (make sure you get permission first!), be sure to tag them in your caption and on the image itself.

Build Consistent Stories on Instagram

The stories feature of Instagram allows you to publish content 24 hours before it expires. Most users enjoy watching their stories more going through their feed because they are much more real. Use your stories to provide access to the action and bonus content behind the scenes for your followers. 

To make the most out of your Instagram stories, try to use attractive templates for your stories. Since Instagram stories last only 24 hours, the timing you choose is really important. To reduce your efforts through consistent posting, you can use some tools to schedule Instagram stories ahead of time.

Focus on Your Posts Quality

Instagram is a fantasy world of beauty. Humans are creatures that are very visual. They love images that give rise to emotion and tell a story. They take the time to discover about different lifestyles and items. They need to receive inspiration from what they choose to watch.

Instagram is not the place to say something in words and then complement it by images. The image is the message. So start with an image of a high resolution expressing a message. Take it simple. You don’t want to look overproduced or superficial. Don’t make things look different from what they are in real life.

However, it is important to use filters and editing tools to get the maximum quality of your images. Create a burst of colors. Boost the lighting and give your branding a warm or cool feel to the photo.

Engage with Similar Accounts in Your Niche

Likes, follows and comments in the purpose of getting back likes and follows won’t help you in the long targets, but nothing is wrong with liking, commenting on and following relevant accounts in your niche to get attention.

Make sure you do this manually and try not to exceed Instagram’s daily limits.try to be honest, interesting and never as a spammer. You don’t have to write an article, but it’s a good starting point to refer to the actual post and give an opinion or ask a question.

Join Engagement Groups on Instagram

An Engagement Group on Instagram (also known as Instagram Pods) is essentially communities where you and a group of like-minded accounts decide to be active in group interaction. For example, the participants will like and comment on your posts within the community to help them spread further in the Instagram-o-sphere.

Then you respond to that by like and comment on their posts in return This is usually a safe, helpful method of gaining followers, without paying for followers, which is advantageous to all involved parties.

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