From AI to Identity Management, AdTech technologies are redefining what it means to be a modern digital marketing and advertising platform.

By Sudipto Ghosh for Martech Series
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The digital advertising technology (AdTech) industry has recorded another blazing year in spending and product launches throughout 2019. The AdTech space is expected to continue with its pace of innovation and dynamic market expansion in 2020. The AdTech market is expected to grow exponentially for the next 3-4 years, even as new data governance and consumer data privacy laws come into effect.

We’d identified leading industry experts who provide their 2020 AdTech Predictions. Here are the predictions.

Peter Bordes, CEO, Kubient

Back to Basics. Premium Programmatic Buying on Open-Trading Platforms.

Silos will open up, fragmentation will dissipated and programmatic will move towards its original mission to provide an open trading platform for buyers and sellers of advertising.


Many don’t understand the impact DOOH will have. All of the features that are currently available on display, mobile and web with retargeting will be available in real-time on DOOH

Expect to see more targeting, more infrastructure and more open trading

Fear Factor: The Industry Is Cannibalizing Themselves.

There is way too much fragmentation and too many siloes. Aggregation is currently happening and will only continue to as advertisers/media companies are understanding they need a full stack solution.

2020 will bring consolidations and M&A to the overall adtech industry – or many companies will be weeded out.

Ad Fraud.

The Ad Fraud measurement model is flawed. For example, a recent report only measured a portion of the traffic, so fraud numbers are likely higher than they are purported to be.

Fraud prevention shouldn’t be an add-on, it should be baked into the platform’s advertisers use. Right now, advertisers only measure a portion of their traffic, or identify fraud retroactively when it’s too late.


Aman Sareen, CEO of ZypMedia

M&A: Simplifying the Local Media Experience

M&A activity is only going to increase in 2020. Instead of content acquisitions, consolidation will continue with purchases of local TV, radio, and media companies to increase buying leverage and better economies of scale offering the ability to better control and manage their media buying margin off their O&O properties. Additionally by reducing the number of digital/adtech vendor count and thereby simplifying  processes, workflow, invoicing and reporting.

Local Advertisers Increasing Their Use of OTT.

The future of local advertising is digital and programmatic. Local advertisers must adapt and accelerate their transition from traditional media to OTT and CTV advertising. In order to meet this demand, local advertisers will have to increase their use of OTT and leverage their local audience first party data to discover shifting local audiences as well as supplement their linear campaigns.

Development of New Technology/Products for Local Advertisers.

In 2020, we’ll see a continued effort from local media companies to develop and rollout new products for their existing sales force to sell. Consumers love free local content and in order to stay engaged and competitive in the face of increasing pressure from the likes of GoogleFacebook, and even Amazon, local media companies should consider roll out local focused OTT apps for their unique content especially around news and sports.

Increase the Efficiency of Their Spend With Campaign Analytics.

Since local ad budgets are often smaller, local advertisers are more sensitive to waste, whether that be frequency of the same ads or reaching undesirable audiences, and their reach is often targeted to consumers near their locations. Utilizing mid or inflight campaign analytics provides insights for advertisers to make adjustments and improvements of effectiveness and spend on campaigns.

Some local advertisers are not digitally sophisticated and with better optimization on campaign reporting can lead to better measurement and attribution on desired outcomes such as did that consumer visit my location after seeing the ad.


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