As research shows that 57% of all digital media usage comes from mobile apps, it’s understandable that many businesses will be incorporating apps into their service offering and digital audience marketing strategy over the coming years.

Whether it’s games, community, news or account management solutions, there’s an app for almost every aspect of any business, meaning you’ll easily be able to find a way to distribute your insight and services to a variety of customers.

However, as apps grow in popularity, hackers and fraudsters are increasingly targeting insecure apps to exploit vulnerabilities in their defenses and defraud companies, customers and digital audiences alike.

As such, any business that wants to incorporate an app into its offering, or already has one, needs to be vigilant. Here are some essential tips on keeping your app secure.

Put Security Procedures In Place

When developing and launching an app, it’s easy to forget that it needs to be monitored and secured just as much as your website does. The platforms that it can be downloaded through will not provide security, so you need to make sure that your cybersecurity team, be they in-house or outsourced, monitor and secure the app. Provide them with the access, procedures and software they need to ensure that the app’s code is regularly updated and that any gaps in security are quickly filled. 

Use Identity Verification Software

Criminals aren’t just looking to attack your software through its vulnerabilities; they may also try to commit fraud by posing as a genuine customer. To stop this happening on your app, use identity verification software that incorporates the latest technology to ensure everyone who uses your app is who they say they are. Combining security with usability, Cognito offers your business the chance to verify the identity of every app user quickly and easily. As a result, customers will feel reassured without getting frustrated by the extensive security procedures they have to go through to use your app.

Secure Your Code

Coding solutions, such as APIs, need to be secured and regularly monitored as part of your app security policies. Keep your app secure by focusing on the code and ensuring that there are no gaps in your security.  Review which aspects of your app are valuable to hackers, such as customer data and access to your company’s systems, then make sure that these areas of your app’s code are completely secure. This approach will help you to keep your app safe and reduce the chances of malicious hackers gaining access to your app, and it’s valuable data.

Help Users To Stay Safe

One major vulnerability for your app is users themselves. If they are using un-secure internet connections, for example, then hackers could gain access to their accounts and wreak havoc. Provide customers with tips on how to stay safe when using apps. These tips could be hosted on your blog, shared as small banners throughout the app or even sent out as part of a newsletter. However you choose to distribute them, make sure that your tips are comprehensive and regularly updated so that users are always safe and vigilant.

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