We’re thrilled to introduce you to [K]rew member Daylin Hull who is leading our Audience Cloud partner operations team, and making an impact on how we change the way we onboard and integrate partners, to how we develop efficient markets connecting their brand and audiences.

Take it away Daylin. 

I’ve been in operations for 12yrs, ad tech making up the majority of those years. Now I’m an oldtimer in the digital space and although it drives me up the wall, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love strengthening the gaps that exist in places and bringing out the collaboration vibes.

I’m passionate about making things work and continuing to learn! I’m protective of my team and I’m not shy about asking a bunch of questions because I want to make sure I know how to tackle anything that comes my way!

On my downtime, I’m a published makeup artist. I’ve been published in Vogue Italia, Haute Punch Magazine, Iconic Artist Magazine, and Opera Magazine to name a few. I also volunteer with survivors of domestic violence providing free makeovers and lessons for those trying to get on their feet. I absolutely love it and try to spend as much of my free time in the creative weeds as possible.

I’m lucky to have an outlet for both the creative and operational sides of my brain. I’m most proud of being a mom to 2 beautiful and loving cats, Gozer and Jackson. Gozer is actually a published model! Animals are my other love (proud vegan over here)! I’m pretty gothy, would always rather be in the rain than the sun, and go to a lot of concerts and am really into film.

More importantly, I love helping so if you need eyes on something, need to vent, or just need help, I’m here to be your support and am stoked to be a part of Kubient 😀

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A lifetime serial entrepreneur, mentor, advisor, and investor. Obsessed with the infinite realm of possibility in the digital transformation of the world, digital media, marketing and the blockchain.