Meet Josh Weiss our Chief Financial Officer at Kubient.

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As the CFO, he provides leadership, direction and management of the finance and accounting teams, as well as managing financial forecasting and budgeting, cash flows and working capital, financial relations and policies, and all financial reporting of the Company. Previously, Josh spent 3 years as a Vice President, Finance at a Family Office and over 12 years at 2 international accounting firms, most recently specializing in the Firm’s SEC and Transaction Advisory practices. In fact, during this period he was the key individual on more than 15 initial public offerings, raising more than $2.3 billion.

One of the tricks to my trade is being able to produce clear data in an efficient way. This is something I have worked towards and practiced daily. Ironically, the lack of clear data and the inefficient supply path happens to be 2 major systemic issues in the Digital Advertising space. Of the many things that Kubient is trying to solve and disrupt in the industry, the one that speaks to me most is being able to provide our partners an efficient supply path and clear and concise data so they can effectively operate their business. 

Outside of work, Josh grew up in NYC and attended Yeshiva University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Josh and his wife Michal met and started dating in high school, and now live in Long Island with their four children, Allie, Gabrielle, Ariella and Issac. 

Josh is passionate about endurance sports and has completed various marathons and triathlons, including the NYC Marathon 7 times and multiple Ironman 70.3 races. He dreams of completing a full Ironman (realistic) and maybe climbing to the top of Mt. Everst (less realistic). 

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A lifetime serial entrepreneur, mentor, advisor, and investor. Obsessed with the infinite realm of possibility in the digital transformation of the world, digital media, marketing and the blockchain.