The onset of the global Coronavirus pandemic has transformed the educational system
overnight. While homeschooling is not entirely a novel thing, it has never been this widespread
and necessary.

Schools have learned to adapt to the new normal, hence the increasing need to bring education
to the comfort of one’s home. While the current number of homeschooled children in the US is
around 2.5 million, this number is only expected to go up now that schools have closed and
parents are getting more cautious.

As more and more parents take on homeschooling, there’s a thing or two they can learn from
the latest advancements in artificial intelligence.

How Can AI Help with Homeschooling?

Adapt to Students’ Educational Needs

Every pupil has a different learning style. And with the most recent instruction designs and
digital platforms that make use of AI in order to provide, learn, test, and offer points of
improvement to students, homeschooling has never been easier.

What’s more, AI allows educators and parents to pose challenges that each student is ready for,
bridge the knowledge gap, and suggest new topics when the time is right. It might even be
possible one of these days to customize the curriculum for every student’s needs through AI-
powered machines in the near future.

Point out Areas for Improvement

Education is not always foolproof. Most teachers have to adapt to changes, dealing with the
gaps in lectures and seminars. Sometimes, they can’t cover everything, which can lead to a lack
of understanding on the students’ part.

To help students build the same conceptual foundation, AI can offer hints to teachers or parents
on the areas that need improvement, helping them close the gaps in learning and allow students
to grasp the concept better and learn how to do it correctly the next time.

Alter How Information Is Found and Used

Information is necessary when it comes to learning. While it’s true that the internet has changed
the landscape of learning forever, AI can offer something even better. Some AI tools can make
information available even to those who speak different languages.

For example, there is a plugin for PowerPoint that creates subtitles in real time, allowing
students to understand what the teacher is saying in real time. This helps children who learn
and attend classes from home keep up with the modules easily, even from sources that are not
in their native language.

Wrapping It Up

Homeschooling, while prevalent at the present, can be quite challenging. Parents and even
teachers who supervise remote learning can benefit a lot from AI technology when it comes to
their homeschooled children. It does not only make learning easier and more convenient.

What’s more, it also ensures that students are getting the best possible education even at home
by playing to their strengths and bridging learning gaps. And that’s something we can all raise a
glass to.

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