Transforming Ad Fraud Prevention

Preventing fraud where it counts. Before it happens.

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If you removed ad fraud in real-time

and 20% of every advertising dollar didn’t go towards fake people.

Advertisers’ could remove waste, spending their budget more efficiently and effectively reaching their audiences, and would no longer need to pad their budgets. Allowing them to compete more effectively to win inventory bids.

Publishers would enable their demand partners to purchase inventory with confidence that their budget was protected. No longer experience unexpected clawbacks, allowing them to get the true value for their inventory.


meet our kai artificial intelligence

Real-time fraud prevention in the 300 millisecond window of time before an advertiser spends their budget.

First-of-its kind, patent-pending, pre-bid ad fraud detection. Loads faster than competing products, stops fraud before a transaction occurs, helps advertisers maximize (ROAS) return on ad spend, and protects publishers

KAI artificial intelligence

Pre-Bid Ad Fraud Prevention

KAI analyzes 100% of real time programmatic data to determine patterns and data points that are consistent with fraudulent activity. 

KAI pre bid

Fraud Prevention

Pre Bid "In-Stream" Analysis

KAI identifies and blocks impressions before you spend budget.

Dynamic identification

Able to identify, recognize and track patterns across all current and future forms of ad fraud.

Flexible Application

Fully integrated into the Audience Cloud marketplace, or into as a stand alone service for both supply & demand.

Competion post bid

Fraud Awareness

Post "Auction Stream" Analysis

Machine learning analysis produces white and black blocker lists after fraud has already occured.

Linear identification

Unable to identify apects of fraud, or patterns related to traffic laundering or synthetic multivariant fraud.

Third Party

Wrapper based application that adds additional latency to the auction process.

Always learning. always evolving. always preventing.

KAI's experience- based self- learning model is based on neural network architecture capable of learning and modeling nonlinear complex relationships. Enabling KAI to more accurately identify and get smarter with each prediction. Catching every little variation in the data and exposing all types of fraudulent inventory.

100m devices analyzed monthly

The Story of KAI

Behind every innovation lies a great story of how it came to be.

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How KAI Compares

The most complete 360-degree comprehensive self-learning coverage.

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$50b Ad fraud in 2025

Ad fraud is 'second only to the drug trade' - World Federation of Advertisers

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WHITE PAPER - The discovery of "Weasel" injection ad fraud

Our KAI artificial intelligence and the team have discovered a new form of ad fraud called WEASEL INJeCTION affecting the programmatic advertising ecosystem, brands, DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges.


User and device protections

Synthetic traffic.
Domain spoofing.
Traffic laundering.
Data center traffic.
Behavioural recognition.
Malicious pattern recognition.

Advertisers & Publishers
use KAI to create a safer environment for buyers, sellers and audiences.

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Unsupervised self-learning AI

Server or Cloud Access

Static & Live Data Checked

Low Cost With High Accuracy


Protection for all. Our prevention is for everyone, advertisers, agencies, publishers and platforms of all sizes.