Customer Success is Key to Kubient’s Success

February 23, 2022

Our relationship with each partner is unique. We understand that campaigns, goals, and budgets often change. Kubient has the ability to customize services based on our partners, anticipating and responding to their growing needs. To facilitate this growth, we’ve hired a Director of Customer Success to champion these developing relationships. We’d like you to meet Justin Kelly.

Q: What excites you most about Kubient’s offerings?

Justin Kelly: Honestly, I think I’m most excited to work in and around the culture and people of Kubient. When you’re working in a space as technical and collaborative as the ad tech environment, individual efforts are only as strong as the team required to implement them. In a technical, partnership-driven world, none of us works in a vacuum. It was clear from my first interaction with Team Kubient that this was a group of people not only hungry for success, but also gracious in their community and dependable in their work. These are some of the very foundational ingredients that I believe anyone needs in order to feel effective and validated in their professional life. Happily enough, I’ve found that the strong foundation I sensed in Kubient’s company culture is further reflected in Kubient’s diverse suite of products. I’ve been impressed with the organization’s onboarding process, their existing technology, and their granular reporting capabilities that anyone needs to thrive in a business like ours. I know that the team and the tools here at Kubient will help me to manage efficient partnerships for many years to come. 

Q: You mentioned being impressed with Kubient’s technology. What exactly about the tech stands out to you?

JK: In my ten years of client service experience, I’ve seen firsthand the negative effects of ad fraud more times than I can count. Not only does fraud bring harm to advertising budgets, it’s also a problem that takes time to properly investigate and correct. The process of righting fraud-related wrongs can become a very unfair — not to mention time consuming — headache for both publishers and advertisers looking to efficiently manage their budgets. With Kubient’s proprietary KAI technology both sensing and preventing ad fraud before bids can even occur, partnerships in the space can focus their efforts more on joint opportunities for growth. They can really minimize that lost time spent in service of fraud-related damage control. 

Q: In your opinion, what is the industry’s biggest challenge?

JK: I think we’re facing an understandable evolution in general end-user sensitivity with respect to data privacy. It’s a fascinating variable that cuts to the heart of everything targeted advertising has been in the digital space to date, and that conversation isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. How can we ensure advertisers have access to relevant audience data while ensuring the privacy of end users in a fair and moral way? It’s an important question that I think all companies in the space will need to answer for themselves. For now, brands and agencies can rely more on the curated, yet protected exchanges that provide proper audiences in a way that honors end-user sensitivity. Kubient’s ability to responsibly curate an audience through their Audience Marketplace is truly impressive, and I’m excited to see that element continue to develop as time goes by.

Q: It’s 6 months from now, what does success look like?

JK: In six months, I’ll be fully immersed in KAI technology, Kubient’s Audience Marketplace, and our responsibly contextual targeting methods. Of course I’ll also be working closely with clients to help them find the greatest value in their ongoing partnerships with Kubient. It’s crucial to me that B2B  relationships exist as a series of purposeful, data-driven touchpoints. Specific goals exist when companies enter into business with one another. By six months in, I’ll know the ins and outs of Kubient’s partnership goals, objectively how we’re trending toward success in those endeavors, and how we can best go about expanding our relationships moving forward. I’ll be working with each of our wonderful partners on collaborative roadmaps, tactical processes, and joint accountabilities that will drive quantifiable success for everyone moving forward. 

Q: Is there anything else we should know about you?

JK: If you know nothing else about me, know that I love a good spreadsheet. I have a spreadsheet for everything. They keep me organized, prioritized, and communicative when establishing long- and short-term roadmaps for B2B relationships. Anyone who has ever worked closely with me can tell you that I’m moderately obsessed with a good spreadsheet.

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