How to Create a World Free of Fraud: Kubient’s Secret Sauce

May 20, 2022

Would you feel safe if a home security provider told you that they could help you eliminate a burglar after they’ve already barged down your front door, threatening the safety of your family and home? 

Would you trust a financial advisor with your life savings before making sure they were a registered investment advisor? Or a lawyer who was never admitted to the Bar?

Advertising and online/social networks should be no different. Yes, most security threats in the AdTech world are not life threatening, but the idea is the same: why would you focus on blocking a threat after it’s already happened, instead of trying to prevent it in the first place? Our preference is prevention versus reaction.

“With $68B in ad spend expected to be lost to fraud by the end of 2022, up from $59B in 2021, fraudulent activity continues to be rampant and on the rise,” says Kubient CEO, Paul Roberts. “The fact of the matter is we need a better solution.”

This is what gets Vasanti Mahajan, Kubient’s lead Data Scientist, going each and every day. From day one, Mahajan has been working closely with Roberts, leading the charge on realizing the Kubient mission of creating a world free of fraud.

“We saw an opportunity to bring a more robust and effective solution to the marketplace. Our vision has come to life as we help advertisers, publishers and partners eliminate billions of fraudulent impressions every day,” says Roberts.

The secret sauce? Machine learning. Artificial intelligence. Sophisticated, unsupervised algorithms. All in real-time.

But what exactly does this mean? Why does it matter? Most fraud protection solutions rely on post-impression analysis to feed a predictive engine — i.e., taking past fraudulent patterns to predict future attacks. Where this approach falls short though is when bad actors find a new way to trick us. In these cases, past activity, behavior, and patterns won’t be much help and the attacks will happen right before our eyes.

Mahajan has figured out how to crack the code on using machine learning in time frames of milliseconds. “In addition to using supervised algorithms (which rely on previous patterns to block similar patterns in the future), our differentiator is that we have figured out how to apply sophisticated, unsupervised algorithms in real-time for advanced decisioning,” says Mahajan. “Unsupervised algorithms operate in completely unknown territory: they detect patterns that were never seen before, uncovering anomalies that are abnormal.”

With the Kubient fraud protection solution, [K]AI, we finally bring clients a solution that identifies and blocks fraud before it even happens. Powered by artificial intelligence, [K]AI looks at 70 different bid request parameters in order to detect and eliminate over 15 types of fraud — all in under 5 milliseconds. [K]AI acts quickly and swiftly to help clients eliminate the bad actors before they even have a chance to enter.

Fraud continues to be an industry-wide problem disrupting businesses, communities, and people worldwide. We need a better solution and Kubient is here to help.

Whether it be detecting fake social profiles, blocking non-human traffic, identifying scenarios of domain spoofing (disguised websites) or other fraudulent activity, we believe Kubient’s secret sauce can help clients tremendously. With our fraud protection expertise – backed by our personalized approach to building highly custom solutions for clients – we know we can continue to lead the industry in solving any fraud related problem.

Interested in learning more? Contact us so we work together to create safer spaces and a world free of fraud!

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