Audience Marketplace

Our transparent, highly efficient Audience Marketplace is powered by Kubient’s proprietary KAI in-stream fraud prevention technology. KAI is cloud-based, real-time bidding technology.

Our omnichannel Audience Marketplace offers a single solution for both buyers and sellers to transact with confidence in an open, honest, and fraud-free environment. No more middlemen, no more ad tech tax. Just a clear, transparent marketplace that enables you to deliver impactful messaging to an audience of one at scale.

Audience Marketplace

20 k+
1 k+
15 %
Average Fraud Prevented


of publisher supply inventory scanned for fraud pre-bid
Access your audience across an ecosystem of screens on an integrated end-to-end platform
Fraud Protection
Clean inventory utilizing KAI to maximize campaign performance
Transparent margins without any hidden fees, see exactly how your budget is spent
Site direct (with Ads.txt) & network inventory available. More media for each $ spent
Ease of connection with our K-Audiences, offering curated, clean inventory targeted to your ideal audience


K-Audiences are curated using data including sites visited, location, and purchase history. Utilize Kubient to run clean omnichannel inventory that directly reaches your ideal audience.


Example K-Audience: K-Gamers

Proven Partnerships

Demand Partner Examples:

Supply Partner Examples:

  • Kubient engages with Lake Street Capital
  • Most fraud protection is like leaving your key under the mat. KAI is different.
  • New partners of the Audience Marketplace: Pubmatic, TronTV, & Column6
Kubient Announces Engagement with Lake Street Capital Markets, LLC to Provide Merger and Acquisition Services NEW YORK, Jan. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kubient (NasdaqCM: KBNT, KBNTW) (“Kubient” or the “Company”), the cloud advertising…
When it comes to Ad Fraud Detection and Prevention, Pre Bid and Post Bid are where most companies do their logic and analysis. Compare it to owning a physical home.
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