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We believe transparency = Trust

We create a safer world for advertisers, publishers and audiences.

We build meaningful collaborations with our partners.

We live for our partners, fellow team members, and industry’s success…
…The better they do. The better we do.

We are stronger as a group than we are as individuals…
… and are powered by the collective intelligence of our community.

We strive for continuous improvement in everything we do.

We live for disruptive innovation that transforms digital advertising, and belief that ideas can come from anywhere.

We are relentless, courageous, always pushing boundaries to the mile beyond the extra mile.

We have ZERO tolerance for brilliant jerks “The cost to teamwork is just too high”.

We live for…

Proactive problem solving, not personal gain…
…Don’t bring up a problem unless you have a solution.
…If you have a question. Go directly to the person who has the answer.

Focus is everything. Less is more yields greater individual, team and company growth.

Being open, direct, and respectfully candid gets us where we want to go faster as a team, building partnerships and enterprise value being efficient and effective building partnerships and

Operating rhythm is how we get from A to B in a straight line as a team vs going in circles.

If it cant be measured or integrated >> it doesn’t exists.

Rules are made to be broken by thinking out of the box.

We are  

Meet the [K]rew.

Our team drives our disruptive innovation and customers success.

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KAI Ad Fraud prevention stops fraud where it counts.

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Game changing patent pending RTB digital out of home channel.

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