How RTB Digital Out Of Home Works

Experience the power of real-time cloud-based infrastructure unlocking the value of supply & demand at scale. Our transparent open marketplace connects buyers and seller audiences together in a dynamic, data-driven programmatic environment.

Benefits of RTB Digital Out Of Home.



Access your audience across an ecosystem of screens on an integrated end to end platform.



Reach your audience with the right targeted message throughout the day.

Dynamic pricing

Real-time bidding enabled marketplace for buyers & sellers.

Maximize Inventory

Unlock inventory value and increase fill rates & CPM's.

Access Efficiency

Advertise on 1,000's of targeted DOOH devices within minutes.

Audience Insights

Know & understand your audience with attribution analytics.

Open RTB for Buyers

Experience unprecidented ad spend efficiency with the power of real-time bidding. Access an ecosystem of inventories to reach your audience, and insights that enable you to customize your brand message, and target with pinpoint accuracy.

Open RTB for Sellers

We’ve taken the industry standard of programmatic one to one connections, and introduced real time bidding to enable screen owners the ability to auction their audience to the highest bidder. Increasing the fill rates and value of screen inventories.

Game changing features.

Flexible end to end marketplace.

Everything supply and demand partners need to trade efficiently & effectively. You choose based on your needs and workflow. From ad-serving, self-serve or managed accounts. To trading through your preferred dashboard, DSP or SSP. We enable everyone to connect into the marketplace. Their way.

Full Transparency

Detailed information on each device including address, screen type, ad type. Every time your creative is displayed it's verified using our proprietary Proof-of-Play (POP) technology.

Multivariant Targeting

Utilize a vast variety of hyperlocal GEO targeting - including specific addresses and venues, DOOH device type, frequency capping, interest, category.

Audience Analytics

Real-time audience attribution and measurement gives you true transparent analytics on your ad units and the audience you're reaching and retargeting.


Marketers now have the ability to reach, and retarget their audiences across all digital channels in real-time. Our KAI verifies that every device and impression is legitimate.


Join the fastest growing digital out of home marketplace of buyers & sellers disrupting digital advertising.