KAI™ InStream Ad Fraud Prevention

Preventing fraud in the room where it happens

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If you removed ad fraud in real-time

and 20% of every advertising dollar didn’t go towards fake people.

Advertisers’ could ensure they buy and optimize budgets on clean traffic. Providing more time to focus on their audience and less time requesting refunds and deductions for fraud.

KAI™ makes this finally possible.

Publishers can finally have peace of mind knowing unwanted visitors don’t reach advertisers and improving advertising metrics related to performance in the process. No more clawbacks nor more panicking

KAI™ makes this happen.


KAI™ InStream Fraud Prevention

Ultra High Speed results mean KAI™ can check every ad request in Real-time.

By scanning ad requests as they happen, KAI™ makes decisions on the same values the auction will when choosing a winner. It does this using patent-pending technology developed in house at Kubient.

KAI™ InStream Fraud Prevention


KAI™ doesn’t rely on client-side libraries to execute thus it isn’t restricted by programmatic channels.

Desktop, Mobile Web, In App, OTT/CTV – KAI™ protects them all.

KAI™ InStream

Fraud Prevention

InStream Analysis

KAI™ identifies and blocks requests during the auction before you buy.

Pattern Recognition

Trained to catch fraud patterns faster than humans using self learning techniques.

Flexible Application

Fully integrated into the Audience Marketplace, or as a stand alone service for buyers and sellers alike.

Competion post bid

Fraud Awareness

Post "Auction Stream" Analysis

Machine learning analysis produces block lists after the fraud has occurred.

Linear identification

Unable to identify apects of fraud, or patterns related to traffic laundering or synthetic multivariant fraud.

Third Party

Wrapper based application that adds additional latency to the auction process.

Always learning. always evolving. always preventing.

KAI™ was developed using the latest artificial intelligence technologies. It combines real world data, computed data and real-time data into a seamless prediction engine. This allows KAI™ to evolve with fraud techniques so you can feel secure knowing KAI™ has you covered.

$3m saved monthly*

*based on estimated purchases

The Story of KAI

Behind every innovation lies a great story of how it came to be.

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How KAI Compares

The most complete 360-degree comprehensive self-learning coverage.

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Most Ad Fraud Companies

Don't prevent fraud. It's like leaving a key under the door mat.

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WHITE PAPER - The discovery of "Weasel" injection ad fraud

Our KAI artificial intelligence and the team have discovered a new form of ad fraud called WEASEL INJeCTION affecting the programmatic advertising ecosystem, brands, DSPs, SSPs, and exchanges.


User and device protections

Traffic Laundering.
Synthetic traffic.
Known Attackers.
Malicious Obfuscation.

Advertisers & Publishers
use KAI™ to create a secure space to transact.

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    How do you run KAI™ software on your system?  You can install and download the KAI™ software application here: https://hub.docker.com/r/kubient/kai-enterprise.  Once installed, simply run the code via a Command Line.