KAI Ad Fraud Prevention

By scanning 100% of ad requests pre-bid, our revolutionary KAI fraud prevention technology makes nearly instant decisions to provide clean inventory.

KAI is continuously evolving to identify new fraud techniques so you can feel secure knowing KAI has you covered.

Kai at a Glance

Of bid request scanned for all types of SIVT and GIVT traffic in real time
Time to analyze and block fraudulent bid request
Categories of fraud across 70 different bid request parameters
Monthly bid requests out of which 46+ Billion requests were fraudulent
KAI Instream

Fraud Prevention

InStream Analysis

KAI identifies and blocks requests during the auction before you buy.

Pattern Recognition

Trained to catch fraud patterns faster than humans using self learning techniques.

Flexible Application

Fully integrated into the Audience Marketplace, or as a stand alone service for buyers and sellers alike.

Competition Post Bid

Fraud Awareness

Post Auction Stream Analysis

Machine learning analysis produces blocklists after the fraud has occurred.

Lackluster Identification

Unable to identify all aspects of fraud or patterns related to traffic laundering.

Third Party

Wrapper-based applications that adds additional latency to the auction process.

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