Reaching the March Madness Audience

March 29, 2022

March Madness is upon us! Our brackets are a mess and upsets are everywhere, but one thing is for sure, we all love the frenzy.

Just how big of a reach does this tournament have? Every game fetches an average of over 10M viewers; with 67 games played throughout the tournament, that’s a lot of screentime! During the first 2 days of the 2021 tournament, 1B minutes were streamed via CTV devices.

With viewership numbers like these, the advertising potential is huge! The tournament returned last year, bringing with it TV ad revenue of $994M, up 4% from 2019.

We’re seeing an 85% increase in viewers streaming the game, and Kubient’s curated marketplace enables advertisers to target these CTV viewers accurately.

Who exactly is watching the ‘Big Dance’? Obviously, these fans have interests beyond basketball and sports in general. According to Nielson, fan demographics are 89% more likely to have visited a sports bar in the last 30 days, 22% more likely to belong to a gym or health club, and 22% more likely to have booked air travel. 85% have an interest in cooking/grilling, 81% of viewers are online shoppers, 78% play video games, and 65% have an interest in lawn and garden care.

March Madness is just one example of a major event with significant advertising potential where Kubient is able to curate a custom audience that provides supply and demand partners with a simple – yet highly specialized – solution for building more powerful connections with valuable audiences. Founded on the principles of sincerity and integrity, we pride ourselves on bringing clients the most premium opportunities that are fueled by only authentic data signals and fully protected by our proprietary fraud protection and compliance technology, [K]AI. 

Sources: Wallethub, Statista, Nielsen

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Reaching the March Madness Audience

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