Why Did Kubient Acqui-Hire MediaCrossing?

January 27, 2022

We’ve heard it asked one way or another: Why MediaCrossing? Why does a tech company like Kubient need an agency company like MediaCrossing for? 

Well, we’re glad you asked. We knew going into the arrangement what we wanted this acqui-hire to look like, but after 2 months, we know we were right. It’s been great. Here’s a few reasons why, a list that will surely continue to grow:

  • From its inception, Kubient has been a company that aims to make advertising easier. We’ve made it easier to access advertising inventory that has real-time fraud protection, we’ve made it easier for advertisers to connect directly with a defined audience, and now we’re making it easier for brands to work with a company that has direct access to an advertising platform. The new employees know what it takes for an advertising campaign to be successful, and now they get to help steer the technology that will drive their success. By working with our incredibly talented technology team, they can give valuable insight ensuring that our product is the best on the market. 
  • Now, Kubient can provide advertisers with even more direct access to their audiences. Thanks to the hard work of our sales and marketing teams, the past months have shown growth in both our supply and demand. By working with Kubient, the number of middle men in advertising is drastically cut back. Fewer steps in the process mean fewer fees and more budget remains to be spent on the actual advertisements. With the addition of the MediaCrossing team, that path to the customer has become even more direct. A brand will no longer need to find an agency, who then finds a supply partner, and then needs to find a demand partner. Kubient already has all those elements, and that means even more bang for the advertiser’s buck. 
  • It’s no secret that finding the right employees is hard, especially in today’s world. With the addition of Kim Kahn last August, we couldn’t ask for a better HR department and recruiting process. That said, even she wouldn’t be able to conjure 10 seasoned employees overnight across account management, advertising operations, partnerships, marketing, and more. The new employees from MediaCrossing bring invaluable years of experience and knowledge. 

2022 has started with a general buzz of excitement. Teams have been collaborating, brainstorming, and working across divisions to create truly special solutions for our clients. This year promises to bring growth and expansion across all our divisions!

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