New partners of the Audience Marketplace: Pubmatic, TronTV, & Column6

Kubient’s Audience Marketplace continues to attract new partners – here’s the latest:

PubMatic delivers superior revenue to publishers by being an SSP of choice. Publishers have maximized their advertising revenue using Pubmatic’s omnichannel ecosystem. Ad buyer’s ROI is strengthened by accurately reaching target audiences across ad formats and various devices. PubMatic has helped app developers capitalize on the shift to programmatic advertising and video publishers have appreciated the cross-screen video strategies providing delivery transparency. By partnering with Kubient, Pubmatic and their customers will rest assured that fraudulent ads are being identified and stopped, thanks to KAI™.

As a part of the ever-expanding Tron Network, TronTV offers content creators direct access to the viewers, cutting out the middleman. Tron continues to be an ambitious project as it builds the infrastructure for a truly decentralized internet. Kubient’s partnership will help connect viewers with relevant ads, avoiding the risk of ad fraud.

An intuitive demand-side platform that gives advertisers consolidated control over CTV ad serving and selling. Column6 creates and packages inventory, manages campaigns, and clearly understands what’s happening through best in class analytics. Using Kubient’s cloud real-time bidding technology, Column6 gains targeted fraudulent-free ads, maximizing buyer’s ROI and publisher’s revenue.

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