Complete end to end RTB ensures a clean supply path.

Artificial Intelligence

Device identification & audience intelligence powered by K.A.I.

Real-time Reporting

Dynamicly optimize and improve performance stats instantly.

Ad Performance

Lightning fast proprietary ad server, bidder and transcoder.

Cloud-based full stack programmatic audience advertising

Experience the power of an intelligent unified [Audience Hub] with the most advanced data-driven tools to buy and sell audiences.
Increasing marketers ability to spend more efficiently and effectively on the right impressions to scale brand reach, conversions, and the value of media partners audiences.

[Audience Hub] Products

K.A.I Artificial Intelligence. Sync and Advertise Securely.

Meet K.A.I, Our game-changing artificial intelligence powering the industries first pre-bid ad-fraud prevention, and our platform's ability to sync audience data with inventory and campaigns so you're making real-time data-driven decisions.

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Fraudulent bids & impressions prevented daily


Opportunities to match & reach your audience a day.


Audience devices with Universal Audience ID's

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