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Our audience platform optimizes the supply-chain.

Giving advertisers and media partners the data-driven power to directly connect their audiences to enable efficient marketplace liquidity, reducing waste, increasing return on ad-spend, and inventory yield.

Transparent reporting

Advanced optimization

Real-time analytics

Advertisers Reach Your Audience.

On the most advanced programmatic cloud advertising platform with a unique direct media marketplace and tools to filter, identify and connect campaigns to the right audience. Giving marketers the ability to stop buying placements and start reaching an audience of one at scale.







Publishers Monetize Your Audience.

We enable media partners to optimize their inventory yield to get the greatest value from their biggest asset. Their audience. Our platform + specialists optimize the supply chain and move from selling site inventory to maximizing the value of your audiences.

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Kubient offer advertisers the opportunity to seamlessly access and buy inventory in real-time, unlike any other platform in the marketplace.”

Eli Korn, COO of National Retail

Display Advertising

Drive brand awareness, traffic and transactions. Deliver targeted display brand messages across websites or apps with banners or rich media ad formats and more.

Video Advertising

Capture the attention of your target audience through high-impact video advertising. Reach and engage your audience across all video channels and formats.

Digital Out of Home

Our patent-pending RTB digital out of home channel powers the industry’s first dynamic marketplace. Removes friction, unlocking value with unprecedented ad spend & inventory efficiency at scale.

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Targeting & Re-targeting

Move beyond cookies to device fingerprint targeting & tracking. Our anonymous audience data-driven approach matches the digital DNA of audiences to connect relevant audiences to campaigns. Increasing both budget and inventory yield.

KAI Ad Fraud Prevention

The most advanced detection system for advertisers and publishers. With artificial intelligence pattern recognition and device scoring, that prevents even the most advanced bots and fraud before bidding on ads.

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Exclusive & Direct Marketplace

Our open end to end RTB marketplace creates an efficient market for publishers and advertisers to connect their audience. Enabling an optimized direct supply path with agencies, brands, and demand-side trading platforms.