Why Kubient

We are passionate about developing clean efficient marketplaces that transform the relationship between brands, media, and their audiences.

We are creating a new generation of audience automation platforms, harnessing data to connect brands across all digital channels and ad formats in a transparent environment.

  • KAI Ad Fraud Prevention
  • Direct Connection to Supply and Demand
  • Easy Implementation
  • Omnichannel (CTV, Mobile, Display, Video, and Native)

Solutions for Industry Challenges


  • Buyers are unclear how $$$ is spent
  • Solution: Transparent & fair pricing


  • Multitude of channels
  • Emerging technologies
  • Solution: Omnichannel marketplace


  • $40B+ stolen annually from brands
  • Solution: KAI pre-bid prevention


  • Multiple middle men
  • Solution: Audience-direct partnerships

Unique Partnerships

Our partners choose Kubient because we provide them more control, transparency, and confidence over their media buying/selling strategies. Couple those with GeoEdge, KAI™, and real-time bidding and you will see why more partners are choosing Kubient today than ever before.

Latest Insights

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